Friday, April 25, 2008

Fact Check

We at Factory Green would like to take this moment to review some pertinent facts:

Fact number 102:
A man driving
a minivan is exactly

3/5 of a man.

Fact number 103:
A man wearing an
FG Rollin' on 26's shirt
exactly 3.72 men.

*effects may be halved by wearing a Factory Green shirt inside a minivan, even as a passenger... Especially as a passenger.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

So here we are. We now have our own dirty four-letter word (bl*g) and we'd like to welcome you to it. However, we’d prefer you to think of this less as a blog and more as a love letter to you, dear reader (and a hate letter to John Bassford).

We'll have the normal product updates and around town happenings, as well as a few interviews, sage advice (rules from the Gospel of Jack and Daniel), obscene rants, inappropriate photos, and the occasional display of intellectual snobbery.
We hope you like it, because we like you.

Rule No. 147:

Never trust
anyone who, within
five minutes
of meeting you,
tells you where
he went to

Rule No. 148:

Especially if he
refers to
his college as
"a little school
in Boston"
followed by
a pause as
he waits for
you to ask
its name.

-Daniel & Jack